Borrow Box



  It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here!  I’m not the most extrovert of people and find the whole social media thing difficult…… But I have recently discovered something that I wanted to share here!

  A friend told me about an app called borrow box…… 

It’s an app that allows you to borrow eAudiobooks and eBooks from your local library.  It’s incredibly simple to use, you just type in the branch of the library you are a member of, write in the big number along your card and you also need a 4 digit pin, you may need to contact your library to ask them to set you up a pin, mine was the last four digits of the long number.  And that’s it, you can browse, choose and listen.  

 I opted for this eAudiobook first 

Oh oh oh! It’s beautiful, it’s shocking, it’s sad, but the imagery and the narrative are sublime.  It’s wonderful, I have never come across this author before, I will definitely be seeking out other titles from her. 
 I am now listening too, it comes highly recommended from Sultanabun

17 hours worth of someone reading to me! So far I am really enjoying it, and will enjoy the rest of it in the Tuscan hills as we travel to Italy soon for a well needed Holiday! Can you feel the excitement coming at you?!!! 

You can only borrow 2 at one time, so I have also borrowed a children’s book, we love this series about these two wonderful mice (Tum Tum and Nutmeg) who live under the stairs, and always manage to have so many adventures! 

 This will come in very handy whilst we are away too! 

  Let me know if you give this app a try. 

 See you when we get back! 


Yarn Along

Yarn Along


Hope you’re having a good week so far.  My two boys have been poorly this week with a hacking cough and low energy, which means the couch hasn’t been jumped on as much as usual this week!  which is a good thing, because it has gone so saggy!!

I haven’t had much time to Crochet as they have been off from school, but I did get the boob finished!

I must admit its very tactile!! the pattern is free from here

I have had a book token burning a whole in my purse since Christmas, and luckily last week I had the opportunity to spend a few peaceful minutes on my own in my local independently owned bookshop.

As soon as I walked in this book jumped out at me from a table by the door.  It was short listed for the Booker prize last year and I had heard many great things about it from listening to the Booker Prize podcast, so, I picked it up straight away and then leisurely perused the rest of the shop.  Nothing else caught my eye so I bought it home with me.


I’m so glad I did, IT IS AMAZING!!!! I devoured it in 3 days, and loved every page of it.   It tells the story of three young men who leave India to find a better life for themselves and their families in England.  Its the type of book that you can’t stop reading, you can’t stop thinking about and you dread turning the last page because you don’t want it to end.  I was slightly bereft when I finished it and didn’t want to start another book last night, because I didn’t want to break the spell of the story the author had so engrossed me in.  But after laying in bed for a minute, witnessing the whirling of my over active mind, I had to get up and chose one, so I opted for Susan Hill’s “Howards End is on the Landing” Its a book about reading!!,  I have read this before and very much enjoyed it, and it has a beautiful cover!



Joining in with Ginny for her yarn along




Yarn along 

Yarn along 

I’m making a boob for my friend who runs an antenatal class, she is going to use it to demonstrate latching on a baby for breastfeeding! I love the variety of my work it’s such fun!!

I found the pattern for it here

I also came across a great site called Knitted Knockers! What a fantastic name! They are a group of volunteers who handmade prosthetics for breast cancer survivors for free, I’m going to make some for them in the coming weeks, so be prepared for more photos of woolly boobs!!!

I can’t seem to settle on a book this week so I’m dipping in and out of all these, ranging from Buddhism, to poetry, to nautical  short stories and African short stories, an eclectic mix, but I’m enjoying them all.

I’ve also been writing a lot this week, I have so many notebooks I could write a whole blog post on them!! (Maybe I will!!). This beautiful green one was a gift from my husband for Christmas, its hand bound in Dublin from Duffy’s bookbinders and is a dream to write in and stroke!!!!! (I may have a stationery problem!)

Hope you are having a good week, joining in with Ginny for her Yarn along

Yarn along 

Yarn along 

On Sunday we have a four year olds  birthday party so I have been busy making a present this week.   I have had this Pattern pinned on Pinterest for ages and finally the excuse to make it! The party girl loves horses, so hopefully it will be a hit!


 Another gift for a new baby arriving soon, I love this style of hat and it’s such a quick and easy pattern, you can find it Here. WARNING: The baby modelling the hat on this blog is so gorgeous it will make you want another one!!!!! 

  Book wise I’m reading “The Secret River” by Kate Grenville.  My good friend has lent this to me, but she said it crossed her mind to mark a certain passage in it where something awful happens before she gave it to me.  So I’m approaching it with trepidation, I’m only 36 pages in and it’s not the most cheerful story as it is, so we will see how it goes!! 

 If you’re  looking for any woolly or wordy inspiration head over to Ginny’s blog and see what others are up to this week in the  Yarn along and whilst you’re there check out here snowy pictures in her previous post! 

Things I am grateful for…..

Things I am grateful for…..

These 3 amazing human beings, and living so close to the coast.

  Bunking off school with my youngest, adventures in the city and lunch with my husband. 

   These woods and the sun shining today 

Decluttering whilst listening to this Podcast called “don’t get organised” 

A list of commission’s.    Yes you’ve read that right!! A friend who teaches anti natal classes wants me to crochet her a boob to help her demonstate breastfeeding…….never been asked that before!! I haven’t dared Google to see if there is a pattern out there, which no doubt there is.  I think I will wing it and have a go designing it myself! 

 Have a great weekend X